Frequently asked questions

This page lists some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers over the years.

Should you have additional questions not answered here, please call us.

Phone: (612) 808-5101

Q: Can lease holders park at any of your other locations?

A: On evenings after 4pm and anytime weekends, you may park at any of our other ramps at no additional charge. Your lease reciprocity privileges are automatic; your lease card will be active during these times at any of the other Downtown Auto Park ramp locations. Just use it as you normally would at your home location.

Q: What is reserved parking?

A: For an additional fee, our lease customers can reserve a designated parking space of their choice. Choose the space you want and contact the location manager to arrange to have the space reserved just for you.

Q: Do you have evening or weekend leases available?

A: Yes. If your job or schedule requires you to park in the evening or on weekends, we have a limited lease to fit your schedule. Please call our office for details.

Q: Do I need to start on the 1st of the month?

A: No. You can begin your lease at any time. We pro-rate the month to correctly charge you for the days your lease is active.

Q: What happens if the "FULL" sign is on?

A: As a lease holder, you are guaranteed a parking space. We accomplish this by turning on the "FULL" sign just prior to the facility becoming completely full, thereby leaving spaces for our lease customers.

Q: What happens if I lost or forgot my lease card?

A: As you arrive at the facility, just pull a ticket. Then visit the manager's office to obtain a signature validation from him/her. If your card is lost and there is no hope of locating it, we will issue you a replacement card for an additional $20 deposit.

Q: What is a "Hold Ticket?"

A: Sometimes, customers may not have the money to pay for parking. If this is the case, we allow them to "charge" the fee and submit payment later. The customer is required to complete and sign a Hold Ticket, agreeing to the terms of repayment. Failure to honor the terms will result in collection activity.

Q: What is an Honor Box?

A: If you park at our 5th Street location and stay later than we're open, your vehicle will be tagged with an "After Hours Tag." You will be required to place your parking fee in the provided envelope and deposit it into the "Honor Box" near the exit. We record the license plates of vehicles remaining on the lot at closing time and failure to submit payment will result in collection activity.

Q: If I should request it, do you provide security escorts to my vehicle?

A: Our staff provides security escorts almost 24 hours per day.

Q: Is it safe to pay my Downtown Auto Park bill online?

A: Yes. You can view our list of policies to help keep you safe by clicking here.